Sabzi - Vegetables

Onion Bhaji - Fritters                                  £2.45
Samosa - Vegetable stuffed pastries         £2.30
Vegetable Pakura - Fritters                        £2.30
Chanan Chat - Spiced dried chick peas   £2.45
Aloo Chat - Spiced dry potatoes                £2.45
Garlic Mushrooms on Puri                         £2.95

Mach - Fish

King Prawn Butterfly                        £4.95
King Prawn Bhaji on Puri                £3.95
Bhuna Prawn on Puri                       £3.45
Prawn Cocktail                                   £2.75
Tandoori King Prawn                       £4.95

Manksho - Lamb & Chicken

Meat Samosa - Stuffed pastries                       £2.95
Chicken Pakura - Chicken fritters                  £2.95
Chicken Chat - Bhuna Chicken on Puree     £3.20
Chicken Tikka - Cube of Chicken                   £3.20
Lamb Tikka - Cubes of Lamb                          £3.50
Sheek Kebab                                                       £2.95
Tandoori Mixed Kebab                                     £3.95
Tikka Mozal - Chicken Tikka fried with Mushrooms & Garlic     £3.10

Chefs Recommended Starters

Salmon Tikka                     £3.95
Salmon Marinated in chef’s special spices

Kathi Kebab                        £3.95
Diced roast lamb, stir fried with onion, capsicum and spring onion.
Slightly spiced, served in a fried chapati.

Paneer Ur Kumbi                     £3.25
Cheese tikka and mushroom, served with stir fried onions,
capsicum and fresh coriander.

Dhai Begun                         £3.50
Grilled aubergines, stuffed with vegetables and topped with yoghurt.

Bilathi Mirchi                      £3.45
Grilled capsicum, stuffed with mildly spiced prawn or chicken.

Pakora supreme                     £4.10
Selection of chicken and prawn and vegetable dipped in garam
flour and fried in butter.

Tandoori Dhakna                     £3.45
Chicken Wings marinated in fresh herbs and spices,
served with minted yoghurt sauce.

Lamb Chops                     £4.10
Chops marinated in herbs and spices then cooked in
a clay oven. Served with salad.

Tandoori Main Courses

The following dishes are marinated in yoghurt, fresh herbs, roast spices, grilled over charcoal and served with a fresh salad and minty yoghurt sauce.

Tandoori Chicken (half)                              £6.50
Tandoori Chicken Tikka (breast)              £6.85
Tandoori Lamb Tikka                                  £6.95
Tandoori Mixed Grill                                    £9.95
Tandoori King Prawn                                  £10.95
Tandoori Lamb Chops                 £7.95
Chicken or lamb Shaslic                 £7.50  
Chicken or lamb barbecued on skewers with tomatoes, capsicum and onion

Tandoori Jalfrezi
These dishes can be cooked medium or hot with green peppers, onions and spiced with punjabi herbs

Fish Jalfrezi Bangladeshi (boneless)         £7.50
Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi                             £6.95
Lamb Jalfrezi                                        £6.95
Tandoori King Prawn Jalfrezi             £7.95
Tandoori Mach Salmon Jalfrezi             £7.95
Tandoori Lamb Chop Jalfrezi             £7.95

Massala Dishes
A delicious rich and exotic dish marinated and cooked in a traditional creamy massala sauce, ground almonds and coconut

Chicken. Lamb or Prawn Massala         £6.25
Mixed Vegetable Massala                £5.95
Tandoori Chicken Tikka Massala             £6.95
Tandoori King Prawn Massala             £7.95

Zal Fry Dishes (hot)
Another classic and famous dish, cooked with garlic, green chilli, onions, green peppers, fresh coriander & freshly ground spices.   

Chilli Chicken Zal Fry             £6.25
Chilli Lamb Zal Fry                 £6.85
Chilli Prawn Zal Fry             £5.95
Tandoori King Prawn Zal Fry         £7.95
Vegetable Zal Fry                 £5.45

Cooked with ginger, garlic, onion, fresh coriander, spice and herbs.

Chicken Garlic                 £5.95
Lamb Garlic                     £5.95
Prawn Garlic                 £5.65
Tandoori King Prawn Garlic         £7.95
Vegetable Garlic                 £5.45

A Biryani is made by gently cooking with special basmati rice, together with a mixture of mild spices, served with a special vegetable curry.

King Prawn Biryani                 £7.95
House Special Biryani (Chicken, Lamb & Prawn)      £8.50
Chicken Tikka Biryani              £6.90
Vegetable Biryani                 £5.95
Prawn Biryani                 £5.85
Chicken Biryani                 £6.45
Lamb Biryani                 £6.95

Chefs Recommendations - Ahar Special - Meat Dishes  

Plaz Roshun Ghost - med             £6.95
Lamb cooked with medium spices, garlic, onion and peppers,
garnished with fresh coriander.

Ghost Bindi - med                 £6.95
Spring lamb with garlic, okra, onions, green peppers,
and fresh coriander

Chicken or Lamb Adrak - med (new)     £6.95
Plenty of Ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes, peppers
and naga sauce

Rajastani Chops - med             £7.10
Marinated Lamb chops cooked cooked over charcoal
with onion & garlic

Ghost Kori - med                 £6.95
Lamb cooked in medium hot spices with onions, tomatoes
and green peppers

Shat Kora Ghost - med             £6.95
Cooked in aromatic Bangladeshi medium spices.
Shat Kora - from the lemon family.

Ghost Pista Milan - mild             £6.95
Spring lamb cooked with a blend of mild spices and
pistachio nuts.

Honey Ghost - mild                 £6.95
Tender lamb cooked with pistachio nuts, almonds and
fresh cream.

Ghost Chilli Garlic Mossala - hot         £6.95
Cooked with fresh onions and garlic in a hot sauce.

Keema Morich Badon - hot        £6.95
Cooked with mince meat, chillies and butter beans

Ghost Sabzi - hot                 £6.95
Spring Lamb with fresh mixed vegetables cooked with
aromatic spices

Ghost Roshun Mirch - hot     (new)        £6.95
Spring lamb with plenty of garlic, bullet chilies and
naga sauce


Bengal Mach - med                £6.95
Cooked with medium to hot spices in a traditional Bengali style

Boro Chingri Kaliya - med            £7.95
King Size Prawns cooked with onions, tomatoes,
capsicum and green chilli then stir fried on a high flame
to thicken the sauce

Ahar Special Chingri - med        £7.85
Cooked in medium to hot spices with garlic, tomatoes,
spring onion and red onions in a hot sauce

Salmon Morrich Zalfry - Hot        £6.95
Salmon in a special sauce cooked with onions, green peppers
and tomatoes

King Prawn Jal Jhul - hot (new)         £7.95
King prawns cooked with onions & peppers, in a medium - hot
sauce with roasted black chillies

Chefs Recommendations - Ahar Special - Poultry Dishes

Bengal Tikka Murgh - fairly hot         £6.95
Chicken Tikka cooked with green pepper, fresh mint and
coriander, green chillies, mixed spices and lime juice

Badhonia Murgh - med            £7.95
Chicken cooked with butter beans and lots of fresh
coriander in a thick sauce sauce and chefs own recipe.

Murgh Madrasi - hot             £6.95
Chicken cooked in specially made, fairly hot spices with garlic
and green chilli.

Amm-O-Murgh - mild            £6.95
Chicken Tikka cooked with Mango pulp, onion, garlic, fresh
coriander and mild spices with fresh cream and sliced almonds

Modu Puri Murgh - mild sweet         £6.95
Tender pieces of chicken tikka marinated in cooked in the clay oven
in a sweet sauce with chopped onions, tomatoes, capsicum and
carefully selected herbs and spices.

Achari Murgh - medium            £6.95
cooked with lemon juice to give a slightly hot and sharp taste,
onions, fennel, mustard seeds and fresh lime.

Murgh Kori - medium             £6.95
Chicken cooked with medium hot spices, with onion, tomatoes.
and green peppers.

Special Khazna - medium (new)         £6.95
Cooked with chicken tikka in a blend of medium spices, with garlic,
ginger, onions, spinach and butter beans.

Butter Murgh - mild                 £6.95
Pieces of chicken tikka, barbecued in a clay oven then prepared
with our chefs exotic spices in a special butter sauce

Murgh Bihar - hot                  £6.95
Cooked with garlic, ginger and lentils in a dry sauce


Dall Sabzi                    £4.95
Fresh Mixed vegetables cooked with lentils, lemon juice
and coriander

Paneer Jalfrezi                £4.95
Indian cheese cooked with onions, peppers and garlic

Paneer Tikka                    £4.95
Cubes of Indian cheese cooked in a charcoal oven,
served with salad and mint sauce

Veg Kari                    £4.95
With garlic, ginger, fresh coriander and our own blend of special

Veg Chilli Mossala - hot             £4.95
With fresh cream, yoghurt and a mixture of spices in a thick
creamy sauce

Sabzi Roshun - med            £7.95
Mixed vegetables with lots of garlic


A preparation of mild spices in which cream and coconut are used to create the delicacy of its flavour and creamy texture.

Preparation of mild spices in which cream, banana and pineapple are used to create its unique flavour

Cooked with almond, banana, lychees and mild spices which create a unique flavour.

A preparation of mild spices in which cream, cashew nuts, almonds and yoghurt is used to create this delicacy.

In a creamy sauce with cashew nuts and coconut


A rich flavour sauce made from exotic oriental spices.

A combination of a special blend of spices fried together to create a dish of medium strength
A method of preparation similar to Bhuna, where onions and spices are fried briskly together.

Cooked in medium hot sauce with onions, green peppers, garlic then garnished with fresh tomato onion sauce.

With fresh spinach, cooked with garlic, ginger and cumin and a mixture of herbs and spices garnished with fresh coriander.


Prepared with oriental spices, pineapple, lentil and lemon juice to add sweetness and a sharp flavour.

A special blend of spices fried together to provide a dish of hot, sweet and sour flavour.

A South Indian version of the dishes found in Central and Eastern India having greater proportions of hot spices and a hint of lemon zest.

Similar to Madras, strongly flavoured and cooked with coconuts.


Related to Madras but involving a greater use of garlic, tomato puree, lemon, ginger and black pepper.

Similar to Madras, but involving a greater use of okra (bindi)

Choose From:

Chicken, Lamb or Prawn         £5.85
Vegetable                                    £5.10
Chicken Tikka                            £6.45
King Prawn                                 £7.50


Ahar is well known for this house speciality. The ingredients are cooked quickly in a manner reminiscent of stir fry. A Balti curry is cooked in a two handed dish called a Karahi. A special blend of aromatic spices are added to give its unique taste, which is quite different from a traditionally prepared curry dish. A thoroughly garnished dish with onion, garlic, tomato, herbs and green peppers, fresh coriander, and freshly ground spices, specially prepared to provide a delicious and flavoursome curry.


Balti Chicken                           £6.25
Balti Lamb                                £6.45
Balti Prawn                               £6.10
Balti Mixed Vegetable          £5.85

The following dishes can be cooked with either Chicken, Lamb, Prawn or Vegetable. (Chicken Tikka 25p extra)

Balti Dhall                £6.95
With lentils

Balti Sag                £6.95
With spinach

Balti Rogen                 £6.95
With tomato and onion

Balti Jalfrezi                £6.95
With onion and green pepper

Balti Garlic                £6.95
With garlic and fresh coriander

Balti Zal                £6.95
With with hot green chillies

Balti Suka Meta            £6.95
Sweet and sour

Balti Kurma                £6.95
Very mild with coconut

Balti Badami                £6.95
Very mild with cashew nuts and almonds

Balti Chicken Tikka            £6.95

Balti House Special         £7.45
With lamb, chicken and prawn

Balti Tandoori King Prawn        £7.95

Mossala means sauce, its unique flavour is achieved with fresh cream, yoghurt, almonds, onions, herbs and freshly ground spices. A delicious thick and tasty curry.

Balti Chicken Mossala            £6.95
Balti Lamb Mossala                £6.95
Balti Prawn Mossala             £7.10
Balti Mixed Vegetable Mossala        £5.85
Balti Chicken Tikka Mossala        £7.10
Balti Tandoori King Prawn Mossala    £7.95

Meat Thali - serves 1 person         £12.95
1 Tandoori mixed Tikka,
1 Chicken Tikka Mossala,
1 Lamb Balti,
1 Prawn Bhuna,
1 Niramish
1 Pilau rice
1 Nan bread

Veg Thali - serves 1 person         £10.95
1 Onion Bhaji
1 Vegetable Mossala,
1 Vegetable Korai,
1 Sag Aloo,
1 Tarka Dall
1 Pilau rice
1 Nan bread


Pilau Rice                £2.10
Basmati rice cooked in ghee

Boiled Rice                £1.90

Onion Pilau                £2.65

Keema Pilau                £2.65
With minced meat

Mushroom Pilau            £2.65
With mushrooms

Vegetable Pilau            £2.65
With mixed vegetables

Peas Pilau                £2.65
With peas

Egg Pilau                £2.75
With eggs

Garlic Pilau                £2.95
With garlic

Kashmiri Pilau            £2.95
Cooked with sweet Cashew nuts, dried fruits
and desiccated coconut, to give a sweet flavour

SABZI SIDE DISHES (vegetables)

Niramash                £2.95
House special

Palak Aloo                £2.95
Potato and Spinach

Palak Ponir                £2.95
Spinach and Indian cheese

Palak Bhaji                £2.95
Spinach (dry)

Chana Bhaji                £2.95
Chickpeas (dry)
Sag Bis                £2.95
Spinach and butter beans

Paneer Bis                 £2.95
Cheese & butter beans  

Brinjal Bhaji                £2.95
Aubergine (dry)

Bhindi Bhaji                £2.95
Okra (dry)

Mushroom Bhaji            £2.95

Aloo Gobi                £2.95
Potato and Cauliflower

Bombay Aloo                £2.95
Spicy potatoes

Cauliflower Bhaji            £2.95
Tarka Dhall                £2.95
Flavoured liquid lentils


Plain Nan                £1.95

Keema Nan                £2.25
Spiced minced meat

Peshwari Nan            £2.25
Sweet fried fruits / nuts

Stuffed Nan                £2.25
With mixed vegetables

Cheese Nan                £2.25
With cheese

Garlic Nan                 £2.25

Kachori Nan                £2.25
With cheese and onions

House Special Nan             £2.95
Minced meat, garlic & coriander

Tandoori Roti             £2.10

Chapati                £0.90

Puri                    £0.80
Deep fried puri

Paratha                £2.45
Famous chapati recipe, folded and deep fried
with butter

Stuffed Paratha            £2.95


Cucumber Raita            £2.50

Plain Yoghurt                £2.10

Green Salad                £2.50

Pickle Tray                 £0.60

Plain Popadom            £0.50

Spicy Popadom            £0.55